Proteam 8 Tritronic Optrimax LED Night Light


Proteam 8 Super Bright Tritronic Optrimax Bedroom Garage Office LED Night Light

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A practical 8 LED touch light that can be stuck in almost anywhere that you need that extra amount of light. Cupboards, under the stairs, wardrobes, garages etc. The light can also be screwed to the wall so that it is more firmly attached to where it is needed. The 8 LEDs give excellent amounts of light but because they are very energy efficient they use very little power. Another practical product from Proteam.
LED night light.
Material: Plastic.
Colour: White.
8 Bright LEDs which will never need to be replaced.
Instant light wherever and whenever needed.
Wall or surface mounted holder to place anywhere around the home.
Internal dimensions: 11cm H x 6cm W x 17cm D. -Overall dimensions: 18cm H x 7cm W x 20cm D.