Gecko Wall Mountable Suction White Toilet Brush


Gecko Wall Mountable Suction White Toilet Brush & Holder Set

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The Gecko Quick Lock suction Cup works with our unique vacuum lock system, The Gecko provides strength, functionality and ease of use to the many products within our wide range for the bathroom and home. With only a 60 degree turn required to create a full strength hold, the Gecko is ideal for all ages, also those with arthritis or similar mobility difficulties. Furthermore, our unique locking system ensures that the suction cup will never need retightening. The Gecko is completely re-usable and can be repositioned as required leaving no holes or marks. Features:- locks tight with 60 degree rotation, no need to retighten, holds up to 5kg max weight, never rusts or flakes, easy fix to glossy and non – glossy surfaces, 3 year warranty, No scre
Wall mountable – prevents tipping over.
Turn 60 degrees to lock – No Screws required.
No rust or flaking – Plastic.
can be repositioned and removed for cleaning.
fixes to glossy and non glossy surfaces.