7 Pack of food containers Snack Cups with Lids.


7 Pack of Baby Food Storage Containers Colourful Reusable Snack Cups with Lids

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These snack cups have been designed with your baby in mind.
They are made from a bright and colourful plastic that is 100% BPA free meaning that it’s complete safe for baby to eat from.
The pack includes 7 snack cups.
Each with their own colour.
Allowing you to colour code babies foods and snacks.
Each cup has it’s own lid meaning that food will stay safe and secure – goodbye leeks and spills! The cups are microwave, freezer & dishwasher safe and can be easily stored in the fridge.
These little snack cups have a diameter of approximately 9cm and can hold up to 236ml volume of food or liquid making them perfect for storing in the fridge or taking on the go , when you’re out and about.
7 Pack of Snack Cups with Lids.
Colourful food containers..
133ml volume.
Material: BPA free plastic.
Microwave, freezer & dishwasher safe.