37 Pcs First Aid Kit


Home Workshop Car Travel Holiday 37 Piece First Aid Medical Kit With Pouch

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This great value, 37 piece first aid medical kit is perfect and a must have for every home, office or car. All 37 pieces are stored in a handy durable pouch which makes viewing the medical supplies very easy with their clear plastic compartments.
Keep anywhere. Take Anywhere. Perfect for the home, workshop, travel, holiday and car.
Box Contains.
1 x Scissors.
1 x Cold Compress.
10 x safety pins.
1 x Respirator.
1 x medical tape.
2 x soap wipes.
1 x abdominal pad 5″ x 9″.
11 x PVC Plasters.
1 x Glove.
1x Conforming Bandage 8cm x 4cm.
1 x Conforming Bandage 6cm x 4m.
2 x Cleaning Wipes.
1 x Adhesive Dressing 6cm x 7cm.
1 x Adhesive Dressing 6 x 10cm.
1 x Butterfly Plaster.
1 x Carry Pouch/Bag.