Microwave Cooking Set


4pc Microwave Cooking Set Double Egg Omelette Poacher Tray Potato Bacon Kitchen

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Cooking for one or more has never been easier.
Potato baker’s unique design provides even heat distribution for perfect baked potatoes!
The egg poacher holds two eggs and keeps heat sealed in – Shorter cook time and tastier eggs!
The microwave bacon rack is designed to keep grease away from bacon while cooking – Create a healthier breakfast every time!
The folding omelette pan also features a locking lid to seal in heat – Create that perfectly delicious omelette!
Dishwasher safe.
Easy clean.
Potato baker for cooking up to 4 potatoes.
A Two-egg poacher with locking lid.
Microwave bacon rack for perfectly cooked sliced meat.
Folding omelette pan with locking lid to seal in heat.