Micro Master Cooker Casserole Microwave Pressure Dish Locking Lid


Micro Master Microwave Pressure Cooker Casserole Dish With Locking Lid


Micro Master Cooker Casserole

Now you can enjoy the benefits of a pressure cooker with the even faster cooking time of a microwave, reduces cooking time and locks in natural juices, simply fill with your favourite recipe and pop it into your microwave oven For anyone who lives alone or just another person, this is the greatest and fastest way to make foods, which are flavourful, exotic and most of all very quick to prepare.

  • Micro Master Cooker Casserole – Microwave Pressure Cooker is just what you need to make a hearty meal in minutes Get convection oven results from your microwave
  • Micro Master Cooker Casserole – The heat circulates the cooker for even cooking The cooker cooks so good that the meat is so tender,” it will fall off the bone!” Tender, delicious meals in less time!


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