Metaltex Rotary Grater With S/S Edge


Meltatex F67015 Rotary Cheese Grater Nut Spice Vegetable Shredder Diamond Edge

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Metaltex rotary grater with stainless steel diamond edge for precision to last a lifetime.
Left or right handed no problem the turning handle can be placed on either side of the grater. you can attach the handle to the drum by twisting and clicking into place.
Product features:
Perfect for grating cheese soft or hard.
Grates vegetables.
Grates lemon and orange zest.
Grates nuts and spices including coconut.
Grates chocolate for delicious desserts and hot drinks.
1 x Chamber
1 x Grating barrel
1 x Measuring jug and lid.
Simple to use grater directions for use:
Open the chamber and position grater barrel into position.
Simply close and click into position.
Place food in the chamber of the grater and lower the pressure arm.
Hold the grater in position and apply light pressure and rotate handle.
Use measuring container to collect the gratings being produced.