Double & Single Scallop Pandent/Lamp Shades


Double & Single Scallop Cream/Gold Rope , Cream / Rose Pink / White Lamp Shades



This is a Hexagon Double Scallop Lampshade which will catch the eye with its elegant design which is finished with Rope trim. Suiatble as a Floor or Table Light shade.
Cream Double Scallop Lampshade.
Available in 30cm, 36cm, and 40cm Width.
Fully Lined.
Built in Reversible gimbal to fit straight onto the lamp holder.
Suitable for Ceiling, Floor, or Table Lamps.
Max 60w ES bulb or 12w alt energy bulb (bulb not included).
30cm /2Inch Option.
Width 30cm / 12 Inch.
Height 22cm / 8.5 Inch.
36cm / 14 Inch Option.
Width 36cm / 14 Inch.
Height 28cm / 11 Inch.
40cm / 16 Inch Option.
Width 40cm / 16 Inch.
Height 33cm / 13 Inch.
50.8 cm / 20 Inch Option.
10 inch (26 cm excluding 4cm tassles and width 26cm).
12 inch (28 cm excluding 4cm tassles and width 30cm).
14 inch (32 cm excluding 4cm tassles and width 35cm).
16 inch (33 cm excluding 4cm tassles and width 40cm).
18 inch (36 cm excluding 4cm tassles and width 46cm).
22 inch ( 40 cm excluding 4cm tassles and width 56cm).
Traditionally Designed Table Lamp Shades Easy Fit Single Scallop shade.
Increase The Appeal Of Your Home With The Elegant Table Lamps.
Traditional Double Scallop Light Shades Ivory/Cream, Pink & White.
Available In 10”12″, 14″ 16″ & 20”
Beautiful Lace Around Shades
Traditional Cream Faux Silk Single Scallop Gold Rope Trim Edge Table Lamp Shade
This Shade is Ideal for Table Lamps and Floor Lamps and as Ceiling Lights, they provide a real Vintage Feeling to your Lamp Stand and Room.
Colour: Gold /Cream/Pink/White.
Faux Silk
12″ Shade Top Width: 15cm / 6 Inches
12″ Shade Bottom Width: 30 cm / 12 Inches
12″ Shade Slope from Top to Bottom : 22.5 cm / 9 Inches
14″ Shade Top Width: 18 cm / 7 Inches
14″ Shade Bottom Width: 35 cm / 13.5 Inches
14″ Shade Slope from Top to Bottom: 28cm / 11 Inches
16″ Shade Top Width : 20 cm / 8 Inches
16″ Shade Bottom Width : 41 cm / 16 Inches
16″ Shade Slope from Top to Bottom: 34 cm / 13.5 Inches
All Sizes are Approximates
Bulbs Required (not included):
60 Watt Max
42 Watt Max Eco Halogen
10 Watt Max LED
Gimbals (bulb holder/ring): 4cm (1.5″) comes with a reducer ring for smaller bulb holders.

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Cream Double Scallop Plain, Cream Gold Double Scallop with Lace, Cream Gold Rope Single Scallop, Rose Pink Single Scallop, White Rope Single Scallop

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10" Lampshade, 12" Lampshade, 14" Lampshade, 16" Lampshade, 18" Lampshade, 20" Lampshade