Dino Dentist Biting Finger Game


Dinosaur Dentist Biting Finger Game Crazy Dino Teeth Game Dinosaur Game

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The dentist who finds the sore tooth might get chomped by Dino! Take turns pressing Dino’s teeth to find the one that hurts, but be careful, when you press the dinosaur’s sore tooth he’ll bite your finger! Dinosaur dentists need quick reflexes to escape Dino’s bite. The last player to get chomped wins as the Dinosaur Dentist game champion.
The Dinosaur Dentist board game is great for developing motor skills, encouraging kids to move fast and test their reflexes. Kids can practise decision making and speeding up their reactions in a playful game of daring dentistry.
Press Dino’s teeth but don’t get snapped
Avoid his bite to win the Dinosaur Dentist game
For 2 – 4 players
Suitable for ages 4 +