Baby Wow Chatty Emma 150 Words Gift Doll


Baby Wow Emma Interactive Chatty Doll More than 150 Words Gift Doll

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Baby Wow English-language interactive doll Emma. Playing with Emma is a lot of fun, she knows more than 150 words and sentences, and the more you talk to her, the sooner she learns.
Meet baby Baby Wow Chatty Emma, she’s a cute interactive baby who is learning how to talk. Can you help teach her new words? Emma learns in 3 stages, at first she will only be able to say vowels and simple words, at the next stage she can say some more complicated words and finally at the final stage she will be able to say phrases/sentences. The more you talk to her the more words she will learn! Emma comes with a toy phone, hold this to her face and she will chat away with her family! Capable of a total of 150 words and phrases this clever baby is sure to provide hours of fun. She even laughs when you tickle her and can move her head and mouth like a real baby!