Artech Brush S/S 3Litre Non Stick Black Bowl Deep Fat Fryer 2000W


Artech Brush Stainless Steel 3L Non Stick Bowl Black Deep Fat Fryer 2000W

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Artech Brush Stainless Steel 3L Non Stick Bowl Black Deep Fat Fryer 2000W .
Great for cooking a wide variety of items – Fryer is an incredibly versatile cooking option. Creating deliciously crisp savoury items like onion rings, chips, fish or chicken, the fryer is also great when you want to experiment with something a little more exotic like spring rolls, samosas or crispy noodles.
For those with a sweet tooth, the fryer makes sweet treats like doughnuts, fritters and churros quick and easy to create at home, ideal for curbing that dessert craving!
Adjustable Temperature – Choose from between 130° to 190° to achieve the correct temperature to ensure the perfect result from your food.
3L electric deep fat fryer has a large oil capacity; you can make homemade fried chips or even chicken with enough capacity for 2-4 people. Cool Zone – Cool zone helps the oil last longer without contamination.
Easy to Clean – No mess after cooking, Easy to clean, removable oil container that helps you pour oil easily and includes a dishwasher safe basket. Durable and Easy to Use.
Features – Easy to hold with cool touch handles that makes the fryer easy to use. A detachable basket handle adds to the ease of use of the fryer. This economical feature ensures that any stray pieces of food that have fallen out of the basket don’t burn and contaminate the oil, helping it last longer and so requires changing less often.