360° Spinning Mop Bucket 20 Litre Grey


Plast Art 360° Magic Cleaning Self Wringing Extendable Mop & 20 Litre Bucket Grey

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360° Spinning Mop Bucket 20 Litre Grey

This mop for a floor with an extraction consists of metal tubes which among themselves are easily twisted in the convenient long handle and below attach a nozzle from microfiber. Having a different tilt mode, a miracle mop with a wringer allows you to quickly and conveniently clean the floor under the sofas, cabinets, or clean high walls and ceilings from dust.

How the Cleaning done

If you always want to have a clean and shiny floor in the apartment, washed hard-to-reach places under the furniture, slots, clean the walls and even the ceiling in the house, you need to buy a Spin & Go mop in our online store. It facilitates the cleaning of floors by 100% and combines a lot of useful and necessary for each hostess. The washing nozzle mop is made from fiber material, a porous structure – microfiber, very soft and durable. It does not leave stains and does not scratch the coating and firmly holding small particles of dirt.

Ideal for cleaning parquet, laminate, tile and other coatings. The nozzle is easily erased, quickly dried, retaining the original appearance. The extraction is carried out using a specially built mechanism in the mop handle, which rotates the microfiber dipped in a centrifuge. The bucket is made of high quality durable plastic, resistant to scratches and bumps. It has two compartments.


  • 20 Lt Capacity. 2 Year Guaranteed. 100% Microfiber Cleaning Head. Dry, Clean And Bright Surface After Cleaning.
  • Swivel Head Fails. 360 Degree Rotation Speed. Customised Bending Slot. Cooling System Providing The Mob set Tightening Movement
  • Easy Access To Furniture Altles With Rotary Head. Easy Removable Head Apparatus. Interior Screening System For 2 Pipes
  • Locking System To Move Up To Down Directly In The Sap Part Provides You Opening And Closing The Rotary Head Movement. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 31x44x30cm


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