13”Baking Serving Table Tray Stone Pizza Board Rack Oven


13″ Stone Pizza Board Rack Oven / Bbq Baking & Serving Table Tray


13″ Baking Serving Table Tray Stone Pizza Board Rack Oven

Cook amazing authentic stone-baked pizza at home with this superb pizza stone from Berndes. Incredibly simple to use, just place the stone onto a charcoal BBQ and place your pizza on top for amazing results in a matter of minutes. Made from cordierite, which is resistant to thermal shock, it heats evenly to a high temperature for deliciously crispy bases just the way they should be. The BBQ pizza stone also comes with a convenient rack which makes it simple to lift on and off the BBQ.

  • Use your BBQ to make delicious stone-baked pizzas in a matter of minutes with this revolutionary BBQ pizza stone from Berndes.
  • With a rack included, you can easily lift your pizzas onto and off the grill so you can cook an authentic pizza without any hassle.
  • Made from cordierite, the stone heats evenly and incredibly quickly so you can get the perfect crispy pizza base in just minutes.
  • Wonderfully simple to use you can create your own Italian masterpiece by placing the pizza onto the stone and putting it on a BBQ.
  • Using this stone is a great alternative to having traditional barbeques in the summer, it is a quick and easy way to keep guests happy.